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EvexiaCorporate Wellness Portal



  • Standard Portal A One-Stop Solution for Corporate Wellness Comprehensive, Engaging, Cost-effective, Easy to Implement
  • Stand-alone HRA The Health Risk Assessment comes with the Evexia portal, but is also available as a stand-alone product.
  • Online scheduler The online scheduler is ideal for scheduling one-time or recurring appointments, health & wellness events, medical campaigns, clinical visits, health care seminars, etc.
  • Enterprise Portal Services Evexia is also available on a Reseller Basis (B2B) as a Fully Customized White Label Health and Wellness Portal.
  • Application integration & SSO Evexia integrates seamlessly with third party vendors and APPs. This allows you to house all your health, wellness, benefits and other programs in one secure place with a single sign-on.
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Steps to Corporate Wellness

No company will be successful in a competitive world with less than healthy and productive employees and no employee can be successful and productive with less than good health and vitality. Champion companies value their employees and employees in turn are engaged, creative and productive. And the ROI of corporate wellness is established. So resources and funding cannot be the limiting factor; every company can put some type of wellness in place.

Because Good Health is Good Business !

Below are 5 simple steps for a scalable and goal-oriented program.

Corporate Wellness in 5 Steps

Step 1 – Determine Need: A Health Risk Assessment provides a wealth of information to both employer and employees. It creates awareness and helps set goals

Step 2 - Examine the Data and Develop Plan: This is a collaborative process between management and employees, so the wellness plan is embraced by all.

Step 3 - Communicate: A wellness program is as successful as its communication plan. And this should be generated by employees with the full support of management.

Step 4- Incentivize and Reward: Behaviour change is difficult initially, so rewarding employees to get healthier gets buy-in. And incentives do not have to be monetary.

Step 5- Track Results: Repeating the HRA at the end of the year gives you the comparative data you need to track results and make adjustments to reach your company goals

Solution Outcomes

Improve Health Risk Profile

Reduce Excess Costs

Improve Productivity

Case Studies


Oil Sector

With 950 employees working in  geographically dispersed offices & worksites. The field worksites are mostly in remote northern locations, some reachable only via helicopters

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Legal Sector

About 230 employees working in geographically dispersed primarily urban office work locations with other provincial sites requiring a lot of walking, standing and stair climbing.

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Public Sector

Public Sector with 6,500employees working in urban and rural geographically dispersed offices and worksites. Some communities were primarily French speaking.

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