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The Evexia® Mind Body Health Risk Assessment

February 27, 2018

Evexia ® launches the Mind Body Health Risk Assessment that helps you identify and decrease risk factors that can affect your health and helps you launch your journey to good health and vitality.

The Evexia Mind Body Health Risk Assessment includes questions about your lifestyle, health, social life, as well as clinical data such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and height and weight. Once you complete the Health Risk Assessment questionnaire you can print your private and confidential Personal Wellness Report that gives you a comprehensive picture of your health 6 areas: Heart, Diabetes, Nutrition, Fitness, Muscles and Joints and Resilience.

The Health Risk Assessment also indicates how well you are doing in each of these areas so you know what you are doing well and where you need to pay more attention. And your report helps you identify personal strengths and weaknesses, explains current risk and outlines preventative steps to improve your health.

Your Personal Wellness Report also includes information about your overall Wellness Score based on your current lifestyle and includes your Health Age, which may be younger or older than your actual age based on your current lifestyle. For example, you may be 50 – year old but if you have an unhealthy lifestyle you may have the health age of a 50 year old. On the other hand, if you make a change in your lifestyle and reduce your risk factors you may lower your health age to that of a 40 – year old. Engaging videos and articles are also available at the click of a button as part of your Personal Wellness Report to help you launch your journey to good health, wellness and vitality.

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