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Top Health Risk Assessment Solutions for Employee Health

October 4, 2019

Uses of Health Risk Assessments for Employee Health

The Health Risk Assessment has evolved over the last 4 to 5 decades as a core tool to help employees take charge of their own health and become self- leaders. No corporate wellness program can make employees healthy. Employees have to buy into the idea that there is much they can do to lower their own risk of disease and stay healthy,  or at least maintain a low-risk status.  And as a first step, employees should have the opportunity to complete a Health Risk Assessment questionnaire including biometric health screening, consult with a coach and participate in wellness programs based on their own needs and interests.

Health risk assessment solutions

The ultimate aim of employee health assessment is to promote health and prevent disease through the identification of individual healthy and unhealthy lifestyle behaviors. The primary objectives of this assessment are to identify health status, create awareness of risks, engage employees to take action and measure change in health status. There are many employee health assessment tools and most of them identify health status and risks, but few include educational resources to help employees take action and become self- leaders in their own wellness. This is a critical missed learning opportunity as the  Health Risk Assessment can be a powerful wake -up call for action.  In fact,  we found that  10 -15% of employees who complete the Evexia health assessment and biometric screening, will be motivated to take action on their own after they review their results. This is why the Evexia  MindBody Health Risk Assessment includes a variety of educational resources easily accessible online simply by clicking each of the main health areas in the   Personal Health Report of each participating employee.

Key Components of the top Health Assessment Solutions for Employee Health.

  1. Well Rounded and Comprehensive Questionnaire. The Evexia MindBody  Health Risk Assessment (HRA ) is a  well- rounded and comprehensive online questionnaire , that goes beyond the traditional areas of biometrics, physical activity, nutrition, sleep, smoking, and stress. It also includes a strong musculoskeletal health component that assesses low back pain,  joint and muscle stiffness,  issues largely ignored in traditional HRAs yet costly and prevalent in the workplace.  It also considers resilience and self- reliance, critical skills in helping individuals cope with stress, fight adversity and take the necessary steps to become self-leaders and take charge of their own health and wellness.
  2. Customization. The Evexia HRA offers unparalleled customization that makes it an effective health risk assessment solution not only for employees within the context of corporate wellness but also within the fitness and health spa industries. In the corporate wellness scenario, the Evexia  HRA can be customized to the needs of specific employees within an organization, such as sleep patterns in shift workers, neck and low back pain in office workers, fatigue and musculoskeletal injuries in manufacturing. The Evexia HRA is also uniquely qualified as a health risk assessment solution for fitness clubs and health spas. These organizations are in the business of helping individuals become fitter and improve their health, but lack the quantitative ability to measure  Wellness Score, Health  Age, and overall health status. Evexia HRA offers the needed customization to suit the needs of fitness clubs and health spas. It enables them to give accurate guidance to their members,  offers health improvement recommendations and educational resources and helps them monitor improvements in the health of their members.
  3. Biometric Screening. This is a critical component that adds significant value to any health risk assessment The purpose of the screening is to determine the blood levels of cholesterol ( HDL, LDL, and total cholesterol), blood sugar and triglycerides, as well as blood pressure, waist size, body weight, and height. These values are used to estimate Wellness Score, Health Age, and overall health status. They validate the need for a lifestyle change,  provide information in setting health goals and help monitor the achievement of these wellness goals. These screening sessions can be customized as well, depending on the needs of an organization. For example, in a fitness club, flexibility and strength measurements can be added to the screening sessions.
  4. Health and Wellness Coaching. This component is often neglected. Instead, employees receive their Personal Wellness Report and maybe one group or individual counseling session to explain the results. These sessions are often inadequate as they tend to deliver too much information and expect employees to understand the data and know-how best to proceed. So the availability of a health coach is a fourth  key component in top health risk assessment Everyone can benefit from coaching; low-risk employees can get the resources needed to maintain their low-risk status. And high-risk employees can get the motivation and help to make the lifestyle changes needed to decrease their risk and improve their health. Thus the opportunity to contact a  health coach is an integral component to the success of health risk assessment solutions to improve employee health. And best practices warrant that employees are  offered the opportunity to contact the coach, rather than the coach contacting them.  And coaches need not be there to answer all employee questions or offer guidance in all areas. Coaches should be knowledgeable to refer employees to other resources within the local community. And most importantly, coaches should guide, advise, motivate and encourage employees to become self –leaders and help them problem solve their own health issues.
  5. Wellness Resources and   This is the final component in employee health assessment and an integral part of its success. This is why unlike other HRAs, the Evexia health risk assessment solution, includes educational resources, such as articles and videos easily accessible through links right on each employee’s Personal Wellness Report.  The HRA is often a wake-up call that motivates and inspires employees.  Best practices call for the availability of online interventions or other wellness programs and challenges that employees can participate in throughout the year. These wellness programs can be recommended by the coach or chosen by individual employees. It is expected that employees participate in at least 2 to  3  wellness activities throughout the year, in addition to the health risk assessment solution and coaching. These wellness activities may be as simple as reading a newsletter or health article, watching an educational video or participating in a more involved wellness challenge. The desired outcome is to create self- leaders who are motivated and engaged to take action to decrease their risk.

 In summary, the Evexia  Mind Body Health Risk Assessment follows best practices as an easily customizable health risk assessment solution. It also offers other features that make it uniquely qualified not only as an employee health assessment tool within the corporate wellness field but also as a value-added health risk assessment solution for fitness centers and health spas.

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